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New Services Offered at Summerdale Medical Practice

A number of new services are now offered at Summerdale Medical Practice to ensure the best possible care is provided to our patients. Some of them are listed here. See our 'Services' section to find out more.

2018 Influenza Vaccinations Commencing End of April, Early May

The 2018 private quadrivalent influenza immunisations are now in stock and are being administered for people travelling prior to May. Ideally, these should be administered 2 weeks prior to departure. The National Immunisation Programme for people 65 years and over, those with certain chronic illness and those who are pregnant is due to start towards the end of April. Only those travelling should have the vaccine early.

Online Appointments

You can now book your appointments at Summerdale Medical Practice online! Make your booking by clicking here or by calling (03) 6344 7177.

Pre-Booked Evening and Weekend Appointments

A number of evening and weekend appointments can now be pre-booked for those unable to get time off work. Make your booking by clicking here or by calling (03) 6344 7177.

New Script Clinic

There is now a clinic most weekdays at Summerdale Medical Practice dedicated to providing scripts to patients for their previously prescribed medications in situations where a checkup is not required. Make your booking by clicking here or by calling (03) 6344 7177.

Later Availability for Wound Care and Nursing Services

Comprehensive wound care and a number of nursing services are now available until 5pm Monday to Friday.

Chronic Diseases and Veteran Care

We now have a number of dedicated care co-ordination nurses whose role is to assess and co-ordinate services for eligible veterans as well as patients with chronic diseases.